Rush News Relaunched for 2011

The creators of have relaunched the popular setlist polling website in anticipation of the 2011 leg of the Time Machine Tour. Cast your vote on what songs you would like to see in 2011! - Thanks to Skip Daly for the headsup!


  1. Here's a list of songs that I would them to perform the 2011 leg:

    Top Ten songs previously performed live:

    10: In The Mood
    9: The Enemy Within
    8: The Weapon
    7: War Paint
    6: Grand Designs
    5: Where's My Thing?
    4: Superconductor
    3: Territories
    2: The Twilight Zone
    1: Jacob's Ladder

    Top Ten songs never performed live:

    10: Cut to the Chase
    9: Everyday Glory
    8: Losing It
    7: Emotion Detector
    6: Different Strings
    5: Anagram
    4: Neurotica
    3: Heresy
    2: The Big Wheel
    1: Tears

    I know, wouldn't accept "Where's My Thing" or "Superconductor", but hear this. Those two songs haven't been performed since the Roll The Bones Tour. I would love to hear those two songs again. Well that's my 2011 wishlist.