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"Classic Rock Presents Prog #16" - Rush Transcripts Online

Rush is the featured artist on the current issue of Classic Rock Presents Prog which is now on newsstands the UK.  The cover illustration offers the band as musicial scientists along with various album cover elements, and the magazine includes a series of stories on the band.  You can purchase Prog online at this link. The complete Rush content has also been transcribed and is now online courtesy of - Thanks John for the headsup! 

One of the key topics of discussion is performing "The Camera Eye" live after so long:
"'I don't think we would ever have played...'Camera Eye' if we hadn't decided to play the whole record,' admits Lee. 'We would never had rediscovered the enjoyment of playing a song like that, while we thought we'd never be able to pull off again!  I was really gritting my teeth before we set out to learn that song.  Alex and I were sitting in my studio at home and we were listening to it, saying "Oh my god, it goes on forever! What the hell were we thinking?" So we very judiciously eliminated a minute and a half of its 12 minutes.  But little did we know how difficult it would be to learn a 12-minute song that suddenly became a 10-and-a-half minute song, because the edits were so subtle that they were harder for us to learn.  It really would have been easier to just play the whole dame thing!  Ha ha!'" - Geddy Lee, Classic Rock Presents Prog #16

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