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Dave Clark & The Woodshed Orchestra's "Geddy Lee"

Former Rheostatics' member Dave Clark and his current band The Woodshed Orchestra have just released their new eponymous album; included on the album is the track "Geddy Lee", an epic song praising him as a Canadian National Treasure (who plays bass in the greatest rock band ever!). You can buy or download the cd here or check out the video here. - Thanks to Dave Clark for the headsup!
"The Woodshed Orchestra is an ecstatic soul-filled communal multi-headed celebration emancipation experience. The Woodshed will take you higher and make you feel the love you need to succeed. Yes it will. The Woodshed will light up your tree, push all the right buttons, stroke your ego till you come to your senses and start to sing and dance with visions of sugar plum love making times dancing in your mind that seem so real to the taste, touch and feel that you'll shout in happiness and cry tears of joy for being alive." - The Woodshed Orchestra

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