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Geddy Lee on Black Sea Station's "Transylvania Avenue"

Geddy is a guest on the album Transylvania Avenue released last March 29th by Klemzer band Black Sea Station. Geddy plays bass on "When I Close My Eyes" and provides vocals on "March of the Shikker". The album is produced by Ben Mink (Geddy previously appeared on the Mink-produced Klemzer album Ship To Shore by Finjan released in 1988). Click here to order.

Update, "March of the Shikker" is now available at "Geddy had a little time on his hands, so he decided to get back to his roots and jam with some of North America’s finest purveyors of Klezmer and Rumanian music, Black Sea Station.  On this track, that’s Geddy speaking in Yiddish.  Not exactly 'rocking' in the sense we’re used to, but it’s Geddy Lee.  The man is a living god.   He can do what he wants." -, May 18, 2011

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