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Alex Lifeson Talks to Classic Rock Magazine About "Vapor Trails Remixed"

Today Classic Rock magazine posted a new interview with Alex Lifeson where he discussed Vapor Trails Remixed, and gives his thoughts on problems with the original release and the results of the remix.
"The original mastering was the problem. It was poorly done. At the time we should have remastered. It bothered us forever – particularly Geddy, who had the task of remastering of the original album and feels responsible for it. It irked him for many years. The original version is hard on your ears, because the mastering was pushed so hard, there’s distortion and so much compression – I found it very difficult to listen to it...There was so much invested in that record and it just didn’t sit with us that we had this blemish on our recording history. We wanted to rectify that. I’d like to remix every record we did – maybe update some parts. But that’s crazy, you know? You don’t do that – records are moments in time, markers of these different periods of progression and growth. But this one was a very important record – our return after a horrible nightmare. And it deserved better...To me [Vapor Trails Remixed] sounds so good. It’s blossomed. It’s a really great Rush record – some great playing and great ideas. And now that it all knits together in a much more complete way, it feels right.  It’s much more pleasurable to listen to. Now, everything’s open, you can hear everything, and everything has its place. It’s so well-balanced. There’s a sort of creaminess and a smoothness to the sound of it. It’s so much more dynamic. Before, everything was just balls to the wall. Now it breathes." - Alex Lifeson,,  September 18, 2013
Previously announced for an October 1st release date, Vapor Trails Remixed will be released September 30th on CD, Vinyl, iTunes, and as part of Rush: The Studio Albums 1989-2007 (which contained remastered versions of the rest of the Atlantic Rush catalog).   For more on the back history of the original Vapor Trails mix, click here.

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