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"Geddy Lee On Finally Taking a Break From the Road" -

In a new interview with, Geddy discusses the Clockwork Angels Tour dvd, their future plans, and Vapor Trails Remixed.

Again he confirms there will be no 2014 tour, saying "There's nothing wrong with celebrating 42 years." He also discusses the upcoming live video "...this tour, we didn't make any plans originally to record it, but then after we saw that our work was paying off and we were so proud of the show, we thought, 'Okay, we have to record this.' We had a second leg planned in the new year, and at the time we didn't know whether we would change songs or not. The feeling was, 'Life is too unpredictable. Let's not record it next year. Let's record it now because at least we know what the show is.' So we quickly found a venue that was appropriate, or really a couple of venues, and that's how we did it."

Geddy also talks about health issues over the last two tours including "Well, I've been lucky. I've never gotten a voice polyp. I've never gotten nodes. But I do get sick, usually every tour, and to varying degrees. Sometimes it's a sinusitis. In the previous tour, I had a really bad strep throat. And I had to do a gig that night in Hamilton, Ontario. I did it and I woke up the next day and my ear was so infected, the whole thing had gone into my ear. I had to fly to Montreal. This is kind of gross, but I had to go to a doctor and he had to puncture my ear. This was on the day of a show. I did the show, and I spent the next three days in absolute hell. I got through the show, but it was a nightmare. My worst memory ever on tour."


  1. My best friend had the same thing happen on a trip cross-country. I think she stopped in Nebraska and went in to the ER and then she back-tracked to Memphis where she had a doctor friend that could do the same thing Geddy had done. She agrees that it was pure hell also.

  2. Again, Geddy comes off as a complete and total professional. Ozzy gets a sore throat and cancels a show. This is just one example of why Rush is the greatest band ever!

  3. Those guys are the best no doubt about it. No other band compares to RUSH!!!