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Neil Peart's first drum teacher Don George talks to Drum Talk TV

Yesterday Drum Talk TV posted an interview with Don George, who Neil Peart began taking lessons from in 1965.  From Drum Talk TV:
"While Don George is known as Neil Peart's first drum teacher - and proudly says, 'Neil didn't need another lesson for 30 years,' referring to Neil getting with the late Freddie Gruber later in life - Don has remained an exceptional one-on-one drum instructor for over 45 years and is also somewhat of a historian on Drumming Education.

"In his first Drum Talk TV interview, filmed with an in-studio audience by the way, Don discusses some of his collection of materials dating back to 1923, as well as demonstrates and talks about his magic formula for teaching drums to all ages - a must see for all players and instructors. Don also demonstrates how to develop limb independence and explains why it is so important to drumming. Oh - Dan of course asked Don about teaching a young Neil Peart and Don talks about their continuing relationship as well."
- Thanks to Greg Nosek for the headsup!

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