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Longtime Rush Roadie Skip Gildersleeve Passes Away at 57

Skip Gildersleeve (Slider) and
Tony Geranios (Jack Secret) in 2012
On Wednesday the Rush world learned of the tragic loss of long time roadie and bass tech Russell "Skip" Gildersleeve.  Skip joined the Rush roadcrew in 1975 for the Caress of Steel tour, after meeting the band at their appearance at Detoit's Michigan Palace on the Fly By Night tour.  Nicknamed "Slider" by the band, Skip was a member of the road crew for 22 years, through the Test For Echo tour.

Skip is forever immortalized on the All The World's A Stage and Different Stages: Hammersmith Odeon live recordings; it is Skip who you hear saying "Oh won't you please welcome home, RUSH!"  Our thoughts go with his friends and family.
“The news of Russell ‘Skip’ Gildersleeve's passing is shocking and very, very sad. He was one of our original crew members from the mid-70s and we all have many great memories of his friendship, his sense of humour and his association with us over all those years. Our hearts and thoughts go out to his family and close friends. He will be missed.” - Geddy, Alex and Neil,, September 19, 2013
Robert Scovill, who served as Rush's sound engineer in the 90's and served on the road crew Skip, posted a touching eulogy for his friend which you can read here.
"Skip was also a very caring and giving guy and his way of showing it was often times seen through his sense of humor and his willingness to play practical jokes and “punk” his tour mates, friends and family. He was Ashton Kutcher way before it was fashionable to be such. I’ve bore witness to many samples of his work and they will remain hidden away with me as cherished possessions, available to be pulled out to make me giggle and smile upon reflection, until my time comes to exit this planet.  Skip had a devious but infectious laugh that was perfectly coupled with his diminutive stature, always framed with a witty cool tee shirt and transported around by feet that displayed the largest and most varied collection of Converse tennis shoes one could ever imagine...Skip Gildersleeve, my touring brother, the man with the huge name and the small frame passed away quietly on September 17th 2013."  Robert Scovill,, September 19, 2013