Rush News

Rush Remix Their Polarizing Album 'Vapor Trails' - Premiere has just posted a streaming link to hear Vapor Trails Remixed now!  The link also includes Geddy's comments about Vapor Trails from Monday's story:
"It's a terrible feeling that, due to lack of objectivity, you let an imperfect piece of work get out there. But the songs are very strong and people really responded to the record and people were welcoming us back. The sonic defects of it got lost in the excitement of the band's return to functionality. It's always been a bee in my bonnet."


  1. Yes....WOW!!!!!!!!! Was comparing the old VT to this and WOW!!!!!!!

  2. Simply amazing!It's similar to comparing night and day.I'm buyin' a copy this Tuesday.

  3. It's great! Like a completely new recording!

  4. Hi Eric,

    A an iTunes purchase link to support the site would be great :-)

    Take care.


    1. Thanks for the reminder Blake, I just added it up above.