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Audio Fidelity Presto SACD Edition Giveaway Contest

UPDATE: The contest is closed, congratulations to our winners!

The latest Audio Fidelity hybrid SACD release is Rush's Presto.   Although it has a release date of July 15th, copies are now shipping.

To celebrate this release, Audio Fidelity is offering a 20% Discount to readers of the Power Windows website.   To receive your discount, simply head over to, click on the Presto "buy" button, and then enter SCARS20 when prompted at checkout.  The discount code will remain active through September 30, 2014.

In addition, Audio Fidelity is giving away Presto Hybrid SACDs to three lucky Power Windows readers!  The winners of the contest are Terry Goyette, Patrick Kelly, and Patrick Foster, who correctly answered these three Presto trivia questions:
  1. What Presto track was not performed on tour until 2010?

    Answer: "Presto" was first performed live on the Time Machine Tour.

  2. What Presto track title references a line in a movie?  Name both the song and the movie.

    Answer: "Anagram (for Mongo)" references "Candygram for Mongo" in Blazing Saddles

  3. And now the hard one: what Presto track was originally intended to be an instrumental?

    Answer: "Hand Over Fist" - "We did plan on putting an instrumental song on this album, but in the process of putting it together, Neil kept on sending us all these we were saving all these bits for an instrumental song, and this one lyric came down the chute and it really suited what we had going for our instrumental track, so we decided, 'oh well, to hell with the instrumental, lets use the lyric,' and that song turned into 'Hand Over Fist'." - Geddy Lee, "Rockline", December 4, 1989
Thanks to everyone who entered!

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  1. Does anyone know the specs on this? I think PRESTO was recorded digitally and in 1989 I think that means 16bit/44.1khz. Does that mean that an SACD really cannot make PRESTO sound better per se because the specs do not pass that of a normal CD? I'd love to know.