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Pop Culture References Update - August 2014

It's time for the latest round up of Rush References in Pop Culture!
  • Chipotle's "Recipe For The Perfect Fountain Drink" by Bill Hader, introduced May 15, 2014. Part of Chipotle restaurant's "Cultivating Thought" author series featuring original essays by various luminaries, Hader's recipe includes "1 drum solo from 'YYZ' (Rush) of Sprite."
  • Forty minutes into the Lifetime network film Return To Zero which aired May 17th, this conversation takes place at a bar between Aaron (Paul Adelstein) and his coworker Dana (Sarah Jones):
    Dana: "3 beers and you are already sloppy. You're not getting laid tonight." Aaron: "Poor Geddy Lee." Dana: "Who's Geddy Lee?" Aaron: "The lead singer of Rush...He is also head of the rhythm section of my personal humpty-hump band." Dana: "Hmmm... Poor little Geddy Lee." Aaron: "He's not little. He's of average to maybe above average height." Dana: "I'm sure he'll be able to lay some sweet beats down once the band gets back together." Aaron: "Jesus Christ ... he's the bassist."
  • Playing House, the USA Network television series, aired May 20, 2014.  During the episode "Drumline" (Season 1, Episode 5), Maggie attends her high school drumline reunion where she reconnects with an old crush that she and her friend Emma refer to as the guy "in the Rush t-shirt", and he is later shown wearing a Fly By Night t-shirt. The girls end up getting arrested and when Rush t-shirt guy picks them up from jail in his van Maggie is now wearing the Rush t-shirt. In the final scene of the episode "Limelight" is heard.
  • Tapas & Beijos (Slaps & Kisses), April 5, 2011 - present. In this Brazilian sit-com, a Snakes & Arrows-era Rush poster can be seen on the back wall of actor Fabio Assuncao's apartment.
  • The Bridge, the FX television series, aired July 9th.  In the season 2 premiere of this police drama (watch it here), Daniel (Matthew Lillard), goes to see his AA sponsor (Brian Baumgartner) who is wearing a Rush Grace Under Pressure t-shirt, and the following conversation takes place:
  • Daniel: "Rush? Really?" Sponsor: "Yeah - I like Rush. So what?" Daniel: "Are you Canadian?" Sponsor: "No. I'm just a fan." Daniel: "Do you like them when you're sober? I mean that's impressive. I mean 2112 is an okay album but" Sponsor: "Hemispheres dude?!" Daniel: "Hemispheres is like...ok it's fine...I may be buzzed now but tomorrow I'll be sober and you sir, will still be a Rush fan."
  • Coincidence? A recent astronomical discovery is a red star called "HV 2112"
  • In the new television program titled Rush, during the episode "Don't Ask Me Why" (season 1, episode 2, aired July 24, 2014), Dr. Rush attends an MMA figher who asks, "So, Rush like the band?" to which he replies "Sure, like the band."
  • And finally, on June 1st the Netflix original program Trailer Park Boys: Live in Fu**in' Dublin was released. After Bubbles, Ricky and Julian recreate and lip synch Rush's classic video for "Closer To The Heart", Bubbles learns he won a Rush internet contest to determine their greatest fan when Alex Lifeson sends a video confirming Bubbles and three friends will be flown to Dublin in Rush's jet to see the band. The movie later includes a partial live performance by Bubbles of "Closer to the Heart" and "Limelight", and during the credits Rush's original video for "Closer to the Heart" plays along side the Trailer Park Boys lip synch version.
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- Thanks to sgtgaratty, Chris Branch, Sami Mandelbaum, Nicole Wiesinger, Jeff Lucas and RushIsABand for the headsup!

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