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22 Things You Learn Hanging Out With Rush - RollingStone

Rush is on the cover of the July issue of the RollingStone. on newstands now, with the cover feature "From Rush With Love; Is this the end of the road for the geek-rock gods? Yesterday posted the followup story 22 Things You Learn Hanging Out With Rush with even more from their cover-story interviews.

Included are some interesting points, including the fact that Rush considered doing a second Feedback album of cover tunes before the R40 tour but obviously decided against it, that Geddy (not Neil) was against playing Jacob's Ladder live on the R40 tour, how Alex tried to resurrect Fly By Night on the R40 tour, that Neil would like to turn Clockwork Angels into a movie, Alex's disappointment in current college radio playlists, and more.


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