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PLSN July 2015 Production Profile: "The Deconstruction of Rush"

The July 2015 issue of PLSN (Production, Lights and Staging News) magazine includes "The Deconstruction of Rush", a detailed feature article featuring Howard Underleider and the production of the R40 tour.  The story explains how:

Before every Rush tour, the artistic team, including creative director Dale Heslip, producer Allan Weinrib, lead singer/bassist Geddy Lee (Allan’s older brother) and Howard Ungerleider start by getting together for some new ideas.  Prior to their latest brainstorming session, Dale came up with an idea of going backwards in time. His idea was to stage a show that started where they left off in 2013, with the Clockwork Angels tour and all its high tech visuals, and take the audience back in time all the way to when Rush played their first gigs with a few PARs on sticks and a mirror ball.  Dale pitched the idea to Geddy, who immediately called a meeting to discuss the concept further. There, everyone looked to Howard to come up with ways to make the concept come to fruition.
The time periods represented in the show include:
  •     Current Big Technology Era (2007-present)
  •     Large Arena Looks (1990s-2000s)
  •     Small Arena Looks (1980s)
  •     Theater Looks (late 1970s)
  •     Gymnasium Period (early 1970s)
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