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Kevin J. Anderson Rush night at Denver Hard Rock

Rush is playing the Pepsi Center in Denver this Saturday July 11th, and as a warm up, the Hard Rock Cafe Denver is hosting a Rush party TONIGHT, Thursday, July 9th at 7 PM.  In attendance will be Colorado's own Kevin J. Anderson, who will also talk about his works which include the all new novel Clockwork Lives, set for release September 15th.  There will also be lots of Rush music, prize giveaways, and Kevin will have the Clockwork Angels novel in all formats including the comics, plus sneak peek booklets of Clockwork Lives.  Oh, and did you know, Alex's Steampunk amp cabinets from the Time Machine Tour as well as one of his guitars are on display at the Hard Rock Denver?  Yeah, pretty awesome.


  1. I will be driving in from Ft. Collins. I am so grateful that I was born in the 60's, and had the PRIVILEGE to be a Rush fan. This will be a special show for me, as I am bringing my 16 year old musician son to his first concert. People who aren't fans of the music don't get it. I feel like I belong to a secret society, and you have to be really special to be a part of it. Clockwork Angels is an unbelievable compilation of musical genius. See you on the 9th!