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Rush Fan Bets $2112 and Wins ‘Jeopardy!’

Tonight on Jeopardy! (July 16), Alex Trebek asked contestant Jennifer Morrow to share something about herself. She told of her love of Rush, and proceeded to pull out her good luck charm, a pair of Neil's drumsticks she was given at a recent R40 show:
 “I was always inspired by tales of knights in shining armor who would ride into battle with a token of favor from somebody they admired,” she said. “So I thought I would do that here. I’m a huge fan of the Canadian prog-rock trio Rush. And so I went to one of their concerts a while back and from the front row I held up a banner that said, ‘May be on Jeopardy! Request token of favor to carry in thy honor’  And well apparently Neil Peart, the greatest drummer in the world, is a fan of the greatest show in the world.”
Later, during the Daily Double, Morrow wagered $2112 and won!  She'll be back on tomorrow night! - Thanks to Richard Benak for the headsup!

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