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Macrographs - Fine Art Digital Paintings Inspired by Rush

Macrographs, fine art digital paintings inspired by the works of Rush, is helmed by UK digital artist Graham Whieldon.  Previous offerings from Marcographs include the digital rendering of "The Fountain of Lamneth".

Graham has recently completed his latest masterpiece based on Rush's "Red Barchetta", featuring the Ferrari 166MM Barchetta in its final resting place, available in a limited edition of 200 prints.  For more information, visit
"I wanted to paint the car not during the chase but after, in it's quiet, rural setting. This painting is about the heady smell of old oil and dust and leather and the memory of the chase in the droning lazy scent of a late country afternoon, a brief snapshot of a calm place between the lyrics. I can hear muted water running in the kitchen somewhere off to the left and the comforting chime of unintelligible words as somebody washes up for dinner, full of excitement and spent adrenaline and tales to be told." - Graham Whieldon, Macrographs
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