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Rush Content on "That Metal Show" (October 8th episode)

On last Saturday's "That Metal Show" (October 8th), Eddie Trunk wore a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame shirt which read "Hall of Shame & Disgrace", and on the back listed bands which have been ignored by the hall including Rush.  Next, the category for the weekly Top 5 was "Hard Rock Drummers", and Neil ended up as #3 behind John Bonham (2) and...Mike Portnoy (#1).  This was done tongue in cheek, as Mike was apparently intentionally left off the board completely, and he stepped out of the wings at the last moment and put himself as #1.  Mike was asked again about why he left Dream Theater, and he explained it really came down to he wanted the band to take a one year break after recording/touring for 25 years straight, but the rest of the band disagreed with him.  Guitarist John Sykes also appeared on the show, and announced that Portnoy and Sykes are currently recording a new album as a trio with a surprise bass player to be announced, and that they plan on touring.  Lastly, for "The Throwdown", everyone voted on their favorite album between Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures, with Permanent Waves winning 3-2.

You can watch the full program here.

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