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Popmatters: "Drag the Dream Into Existence: Reassessing Rush’s Masterpiece"

Check out "Drag the Dream Into Existence: Reassessing Rush’s Masterpiece" written by Sean Murphy for
"Every band, if they are lucky, is able to create a definitive work—a document that embodies their unique qualities. Most great bands, at some point in their career, successfully produce an enduring statement. Some artists, like The Beatles or Pink Floyd, are able to capture—or create—the Zeitgeist on more than one occasion On the other hand; there are plenty of worthwhile and beloved bands who have never quite been capable of distilling the necessary ingredients of a classic recording. Finally, there are those almost unfathomable works that only a handful of bands can claim credit for. These exceptional albums are wholly original yet fully accessible and remain influential and imitated long after their release."  Click here for more.

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