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2.1.12 National Rush Day Wrap Up and American Idol Tryout

Today was Rush Day, February 1st, 2012 (2.1.12), a once in a lifetime occurrence as it will not happen again for another 100 years.  It was a popular day around the net, including various news stories from multiple sources, and culminated in the 2112 listening party hosed by RushCon and Rush Radio at

2.1.12 was also the day of the first known performance of a Rush song on American Idol.  Coincidence?  The song was of course "Tom Sawyer", sung by David Weed of Mountain Home, Idaho.  Unfortunately, David did not make it through to Hollywood, but it was satisfying to hear Randy Jackson say that the singer doesn't sound like Geddy, because Geddy "sounds really good".

Here's a collection of the features that appeared online today:

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