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Clockwork Angels Update - PROG confirms May release

The new issue of Classic Rock Presents Prog has hit the newsstands, and includes a brief interview with Geddy Lee.  The article confirms that Clockwork Angels will be released in May, and Geddy talks about excitement over the band's switch to the Roadrunner label, after having a poor experience with Atlantic.
"There was something about the people at Roadrunner, they were so into rock, into what we're all about as opposed to some of the Atlantic guys...we were very unhappy with the way we were treated at Atlantic UK, I don't think they really got us, so it was good to go somewhere that did."
Geddy also discusses his eagerness for the next tour:
"The last tour was so great...I can't wait to experience that again.  People seem ta little less afraid to show that they're Rush fans.  I think we all enjoyed it, I don't think I've ever seen Neil enjoy a tour so much."
- Thanks Tony for the headsup!

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