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Rush Beyond The Lighted Stage Coming to Israel

The Israel premiere of Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage will take place on Sunday at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque at 10 p.m. The debut will be followed by midnight screenings on March 2, 9, 23 and 30.
"’s only fitting that it’s a fan of the Canadian progressive rock heroes who’s bringing the film Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage to Israel.  'I first started listening to Rush when I was in Israel on a Youth Aliya program in 1981,' says New York native Alex Gutman, who immigrated to Tel Aviv in 2009...Ever since he arrived in Israel, where he works as a 'technology evangelist' by day, Gutman has been in touch with promoters and with Rush’s management about bringing the band here to perform.  But when he heard about the film, he decided to begin with a more modest venture and get the buzz going about the band."
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