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Points North's 'Road Less Traveled' Now Available, includes Rush tribute

California progressive rock trio Points North's debut album, Road Less Traveled, was released March 13th on Magna Carta Records.  The all instrumental album includes the track "Grace Under Pressure", which is a tribute to Rush.
"The track 'Grace Under Pressure' (originally titled 'Blue Zone B') is a prime example of the band's ability to time travel while (musically speaking) keeping one foot in the present. 'Hearing Rush's Moving Pictures, from 1981, was a turning point for me,' says Barnett.  The song reimagines Alex Lifeson's 1980s guitar style as a 21st Century invention (think Rush's 'Red Sector A' with a post-Cold War twist). 'The mid-period Alex Lifeson style is where he really focused on chord textures and inner voicings,' says Barnett, who picked up the violin at age five and switched to guitar in his early teens. 'It's not something you hear that often in an instrumental song, because so often those types of songs are about the lead line. In our song the bass is carrying the melody and root notes.'" - Magna Carta Records

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