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Rush On "Archer", Season Three Finale

Tonight was the season finale of the FX animated series, Archer.  During the episode "Space Race: Part 2", Dr. Krieger's van was once again painted with a Rush mural; this time it was "Caress of Krieger". - Thanks to Benny Prince for the headsup!

This was the fourth reference of Archer in the last 12 months.  Last April, Dr. Krieger's van was painted with an "Exit Stage Left" mural.  Next, during this year's season premier in January, Dr. Krieger had a new van sporting a mural featuring a recreation of the Hemispheres cover, with the words "Krieger Vanispheres" as the headline.  A finally, just two weeks ago, we learned Krieger is a drummer trying to master "Y-Y-Zed".

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