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Rush On "Archer", yet again!

Rush was referenced yet again on FX's Archer.  During yesterday's episode "Skin Game", in the opening scene Krieger brings Archer to his lab which holds a large Neil Peart-esque drumkit, replete with double bass drums with "Thunder" and "Dome" written in the font from the debut album. Archer says "Wow, amazing, you can play 'YYZ'", to which Krieger replies "First of all, it's YY-zed. And second of all, no I can't get it, it's impossible."  Later, in the next scene (after the opening credits), in regards to creating an android of Katya, Krieger says "How dare you fail to recognize my greatest accomplishment to date?", and Pam replies "What, you finally nailed YYZ?"  Krieger shouts "It's Zed,, Neil Peart (Pert) stands alone..." - Thanks to Benny Prince for the headsup!

This is the third Rush reference on Archer. Last April, Dr. Krieger's van was painted with an "Exit Stage Left" mural.  And during this year's season premier in January, Dr. Krieger had a new van sporting a mural featuring a recreation of the Hemispheres cover, with the words "Krieger Vanispheres" as the headline.

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  1. I freakin' LOVE this show! The Rush references make it even better!