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Alex Lifeson Talks To Classic Rock Revisited

Alex Lifeson discusses Clockwork Angels in a new interview with Classic Rock Revisited.  Alex discusses the album cover, putting together the drum pattern for "The Anarchist", switching instruments with Geddy on "The Wreckers", the upcoming tour setlist and the longevity of the band. - Thanks to Brad P for the headsup!
“Hugh Syme is a very clever and able designer,” says Lifeson. “He works very closely with Neil on all of the artwork. He has done some really dramatic artwork for this record. It made me smile; I got it.”

“The drum pattern on that song is one that I put together and Neil connected with it. I think I come from a different place than Neil does and sometimes he will find what I do as an interesting approach that he would have never thought of himself. It gave him a launching point.” 

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