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Classic Rock Fan Pack Exclusive Bonus Content

The CD booklet included in the Classic Rock fan pack includes the text "Exclusive bonus content, to unlock the hands of time visit: This link includes web page with a six minutes video interview with Geddy Lee where he discusses recording at Henson studios, Neil's drum parts, and "The Garden". - Thanks to Ed @ RushIsABand for the headsup!


  1. Have you guys gotten yours yet? I have the email from last Friday (a week ago today) stating that the Fan Pack had been sent, but it's still not arrived in southern Michigan. For those who have received it, did it through regular U.S. mail? Thanks, Brad

  2. Brad, only a few people in the US have received them so far. Germany received them on Saturday(!), and most of Europe on Wednesday, and the first US recipients was on Wednesday. I have not received mine yet...

  3. Thanks, PW. I leave for Atlanta on Monday, I'm very much hoping to have it by then. Hope you get yours soon as well! Thanks, Brad