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Billy Corgan Talks Clockwork Angels With Rush - FMQB

"To mark the release of Clockwork Angels, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson connected with Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins for a lengthy conversation about the new album...In the interview Lee and Lifeson discuss making music, Neil Peart's lyrical prowess, the development of Clockwork Angels as a story, Rush's disdain for the "c word" (concept), their influence on other musicians, why an album still matters and much more."  For more visit, June 12, 2012

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  1. ...a MUST listen:this is musician-to-musician,'it takes one to know one'; wonderfully relevant and important questions allow uninterupted, 'stream of consciouness' responding that takes usinto the people and the process that we call Rush. Easily the most illuminating interview I've ever heard them give. Billy "gets it" and the band shows him their respect with very candid and personal answers. Can't thank each of you enough.