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"Rush As Food" Event, Benefiting Andrew MacNaughtan's Art Gives Hope

"The Best Music in the World like you've never tasted it before".

"In celebration of perhaps the greatest rock band ever and their amazing new album Clockwork Angels, Matt Kantor, Chef of Secret Pickle, Hidden Kitchen and an arguably somewhat crazy individual, will be interpreting and deconstructing the music of Rush into a nine-course dinner. And we'll be doing it in Rush's hometown of Toronto Ontario. Coming July 18 and July 17 or 19, 2012. Dinner to be held at The Cookbook Store in Yorkville. One night only. We'll be pouring some really cool wines and beers as well. $150 all inclusive with proceeds to go to late Rush photographer Andrew MacNaughtan's Art Gives Hope."  For more information visit

- Thanks to Quinn Bradley for the headsup!

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