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Excerpt from Neil Peart's "Raindance Over the Rockies: Across The Mountains By Bicycle"

Nearly six years ago I first shared excerpts from three of Neil Peart's privately distributed books published prior to the release of The Masked Rider.  Those three books were Riding The Golden Lion; Pedals Over The Pyrenees: Or Spain And Spokes And Trains; and The African Drum.

Today I'm happy to share with you an excerpt from one more of the two remaining unpublished books: Raindance Over the Rockies: Across The Mountains By Bicycle.  In "Raindance" Neil shares the adventures of his bicycle trip from Calgary to Vancouver during the summer of 1988.

This except is the first two pages of the 21 page book, provided by a generous Rush fan for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy!

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