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Jason Plumb Discusses Alex Lifeson's Guest Appearance on "All Is More Than Both"

UPDATE (May 9): In a new interview Jason Plumb tells how Alex Lifeson came to play on his album:
"The Alex Lifeson thing, that happened by absolute fluke," he says of the Rush guitarist's work on the track Losin'.  "We started going through the songs and wondering which iconic Canadian guitarist could make an appearance on the record. . . . I thought, 'Well, Alex Lifeson, that would be really amazing. If we could get (him) that would be a real coup.' And he actually just happened to walk into the control room some days later." - Calgary Herald, May 9, 2012
The new album by Jason Plumb and the Willing, All Is More Than Both, is now available.  The album contains the song "Losin'" featuring Alex Lifeson which you hear here.

Released March 27th, guest performers include Alex Lifeson, Ed Robertson, Chic Gamine, Serena Ryder, Steven Page, The Broken Heartstrings and more.  Back in September, producer Michael Phillip Wojewoda posted this live video of Alex Lifeson in the studio recording the guitar solo for "Losin'".
"An inspired take by Alex Lifeson at Revolution Recordings.  We just got the sounds up and this was his first pass.  We did many more but this early one was filmed.  A guest guitar solo for Jason Plumb’s upcoming album." - Michael Phillip Wojewoda,
Another video on Wojewoda's YouTube channel has the caption "guest guitar overdub on Jason Plumb's record".

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