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Rush Featured in PROG #26 On Newsstands Today

There are two Rush features in the new PROG magazine, issue #26 featuring Squackett on the cover, hitting newsstands today.

Besides the extensive five page feature interview with Geddy Lee, "Angels Upstairs", the issue also includes a very rare interview with Rush's long time graphic artist Hugh Syme in the "Art For Arts Sake" column.

Along with a detailed discussion of Clockwork Angels, Geddy has this to say regarding the Vapor Trails remix.
"[remixing Vapor Trails and including it in a deluxe edition of Clockwork Angels] was an idea but it's now been shifted down. Rather than remix the entire album we might now take a bunch of different songs from albums and get different people to remix them for fun, rather than just do Vapor Trails. It's an idea in flux."
- Thanks to Tony Riviere for the headsup!

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