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Geddy Lee's Ludicrous Machines: Rush Frontman Talks New Album, Tour - has posted an new interview with Geddy Lee.  In "Geddy Lee's Ludicrous Machines: Rush Frontman Talks New Album, Tour", Geddy talks about this being the first album length concept, and the difference between this album and previous concept pieces:
"I wanted the songs to be a collection that could stand on their own, outside of context of the whole story. When you look at a collection of songs like those on the Who's Tommy, you could pull "I'm Free" out of that and it still stands on its own. But in connection to the story, it takes on another interpretation. So there was a lot of discussion about that. I think at one point, Neil was a little frustrated with my determination to keep the story-line minimal in a sense...The three times we attempted side-long concept pieces in the past, the music was really like one song broken up into many parts. The thread connecting the music on Clockwork Angels is the story-line. That's the key difference."
and the lack of overdubs on this record:
"this time we wanted to restrict the way we used overdubs. We wanted it to be very much a three-piece record."
and in regards to the upcoming tour:
we're gonna expand upon the whole steampunk element that we brought on the "Time Machine Tour." We're gonna have fun with that whole kinda machinery and we're designing rear-screen things and have a fun little movies. Hopefully it can all tie together in some ludicrous way."

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