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A Rush of Covers from Kiev

UPDATE: George and Timur have put together a fantastic video of their cover of "By-Tor and the Snowdog" which you can view here.

Here is a treat for all you Rush fans out there.  I received an email from George Oransky from Kiev.  George is a life long Rush fan, who tells me he is "a lonely studio player, not such a performer".  He also said that he used to play Rush songs "a time long ago" with some friends who shared an affinity for a band that was virtually unknown in Kiev at the time.

George has been recording Rush songs in his home studio and posting them to his website.  What makes them interesting is that his 11 year old son Timur provides the vocals and the combination is quite stunning.  Be sure to check their cover of By-Tor and the Snowdog, you'll thank me later.

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