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Neil Peart and Kevin J. Anderson's "Drumbeats" Back In Print

Neil Peart's first collaboration with author Kevin J. Anderson, is a short horror story titled "Drumbeats", about drummer on a bicycle trip in Africa who discovers more than he bargained for.
"...Kevin did all the work; I just supplied some African background and French dialogue." - Neil Peart,, Fall 2005
Originally published in the long out of print short story collection Shock Rock II in 1994, "Drumbeats" is now available in the new collection Tesseracts Sixteen: Parnassus Unbound, edited by Mark Leslie:
"This anthology features speculative fiction short stories with art, music, literature and culture themes. It is the latest volume of the long-running Tesseracts series and features stories for a new generation of readers. This anthology joins a 26-year legacy which features the writing and editing of more than 250 of Canada's best-known authors." - Thanks to Mark Leslie for the headsup!

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