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Fender Squier "Rush Clockwork Angels" Edition Bass

The Rush Backstage Club has just added the Fender Squier "Rush Clockwork Angels" Edition Bass, retailing at $559 US.  This is a customized version of the generic Fender Squier Vintage Jazz Bass which Fender lists on their page for $499.
Get your very own RUSH branded Squire Clockwork Angels Bass. Featuring the Clockwork Angels "Wings" logo on the pick guard and a the "Rush" logo branded into the head of the guitar, this limited edition release is the ultimate addition to your RUSH (or guitar) collection.

Customized Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass '77: From the age of Funk and dawn of Punk comes this retro-inspired Vintage Modified Jazz Bass! Features include a gloss Black-finished Agathis body and one-piece maple neck with attractive white binding and white pearl block inlays on the 20-fret maple fingerboard. That soulful sound emanates from a pair of single-coil Duncan Designed? Jazz Bass pickups; other features include chrome hardware and machine heads, black plastic Stratocaster knobs, a three-ply Black/White/Black pickguard, and a four-saddle chrome bridge.

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  1. I bought one of these bass guitars from Rush Backstage Club and couldn't be more pleased. It is not a GL Signiture Series bass but it is a lot of fun just to have it. I have played guitar and bass for 45+ years and this bass plays as good as most full priced Fenders. Besides it is the player not the instrument that makes the music!