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2112 "Super Deluxe" Edition - Rich Chycki Comments

Rich Chycki shared the following on his blog (November 8, 2012):
"Let's go back in time a bit to late December 2004. I had just finished a 19-hour studio day working with Rush (for the first time) on a Tsunami Relief Charity which was broadcast on CBC in Canada, also late 2004. When I first met with Alex [Lifeson] in early 2005 about the possibility of doing more work together on R30, our first conversation veered off to a coffee laden all out bond-fest about how exciting 2112 would be remixed in 5.1. Our second subject was the mixing of R30 – go figure.

"In a nutshell, this concept has been in stasis for quite some time and it's a pinnacle moment with such a revered artist (and with my gratitude meter completely pinned) that we finally see this project come to light.

"Like the other Rush surround releases to date – Moving Pictures, A Farewell To Kings, Fly By Night, and Signals –  2112 has been remixed at a 96 khz 24 bit high resolution from the original multitrack masters in a 're-creation' direction taking advantage of the 3-dimensional soundscape of surround, rather than a complete re-interpretation of the mix.  I have had quite a few questions about the technical side of the process so time depending, I'll try to get an article put together about it and get it posted here or published."
According to an announcement at, Universal/Mercury will be releasing a "Super Deluxe" CD/Blu-Ray reissue of 2112 this December 18th.

Rich Chycki has confirmed via Twitter, that as a Blu-Ray disk is included, this will include a 5.1 surround sound mix: "Yep, words out. I've been working on the surround remix of Rush's 2112 for months. Queue rear waterfall.”

This release comes just one year after the release of the Sectors boxed set; at the time, it was surprising that the box did NOT include a 5.1 mix of 2112 - now we know why.  One might also assume that 2112 is the first of many 5.1 reissues to be released in the upcoming years... - Thanks to John Patuto at for the headsup!


  1. An Audiophile 96kHz/24bit High Definition version of "Clockwork Angels" is now available at HDtracks. Rumor is that the rest of their catalogue will someday also be available there in High Def.